Free Fall

The Avalanches

—Since I Left You

Rumor has it that The Avalanches are set to release a new album soon, the long awaited follow up to their fantastic 2000 debut Since I Left You. If you don’t know who The Avalanches are, that’s OK, their music is a tad niche. Yet however niche it may be, it is beautiful and astoundingly accessible (a rare feat given the genre and production method of the album). This is one of the shining gems of the ambiguously demarcated yet inventive genre of instrumental hip-hop/trip-hop/turntablism/etc., which means that this is composed almost entirely of samples (from just about any type of recording imaginable) à la DJ Shadow’s Entroducing…, UNKLE’s Psyence Fiction, and RJD2’s Deadringer. Unlike the albums I’ve listed though, Since I Left You is not a heady, dense, introspective, or brooding affair, but is rather ecstatic and alive with shades of Disco, R&B, and Sunshine Pop among other tasty sound bites. Before you make any judgments about the ethics or authenticity of sampling, I implore you to listen to the above title track and keep in mind that this music is masterfully crafted from thousands upon thousands of records and soundtracks, and takes years to perfect, not unlike the work of a classical composer. Not only is this incredibly difficult music to make, but The Avalanches make it feel free and organic, creating music that can truly appeal to almost any tastes and put a smile on even the most jaded of listeners. Just give it a chance, i promise you won’t regret it. 

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